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Touch Law - July 2019

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Touch Law - July 2019

Postby Tomster7uk » Sun, 14 Jul 2019, 00:08

Ladies and gentlemen,

I come with a query.

I have been told before by one or two refs in regards to the law of touch where;

if the ball leaves the field of play but does not touch anything and swerves back into play that the ball is deemed out as it has crossed the plane of touch.

But I can not see a change in the World Rugby laws to confirm this.

As I thought originally if the ball leaves the field of play and re enters that it is play on.

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Re: Touch Law - July 2019

Postby sk 88 » Sun, 14 Jul 2019, 09:51

I think you are correct too. They changed the laws around touch last season so that a player can jump from inside the field of play and push or throw it back into the field of play providing they do it before they hit the ground themselves.

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